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About Us

Sugarfork Kennels is family owned and has been in business since 1999. Our goal is to produce and sell good quality pets for people with different needs. We believe that honesty is the best policy. family3

Our kennels are USDA and State Licensed along with being AKC inspected.






Our One Year Guarantee



We guarantee , in writing, at the time of shipping your puppy will have all necessary vaccinations and dewormings. In addition, the puppy will have been examined by a licensed veterinarian. This is to assure, as best we can, that you receive a healthy pet for you and your family's enjoyment. The one year conditional guarantee covers your pet against fatal and life altering congential diseases.

Health Guarantee


Breed Selection

KennethTuckerPrior to purchasing a pet you should do a little research making sure the one you select will fit your life style. To help with this, you can go directly to AKC breeds site and select the breed you are interested in or you may select a breed on our web site which will have a direct link to the AKC page. Either way, this is an important step and just a little work now could help you avoid a lot of expense and regret later.